1.Sliding gates

MB Enterprise range can be considered, for its technological innovations, the new generation of automation systems. Far fewer connections are required with Nice's revolutionary Blue BUS system,

meaning incredible savings in time! Up to sixty-four different devices can be connected using just two wires, which carry both the communication signals and the power supply!

2.Swing Gates
MB Enterprise presents the complete range for automating swing gates, lightweight, and heavy, for residential or intensive use. MB Enterprise has always the ideal solution for you! The high quality of the employed materials grants silence and duration. The different 24V versions, with their magnetic encoder, keep the selected values unchanged and grant safety and comfort to installations.


Motorised Auto Sliding Motorised Auto Swing

Motorised Sliding Gates Motorised Swing Gates

Dock Levellers
Dock Shelters
Dock Houses

Shutter With Center Motor
Shutter With Side Motor