Since our inception in 2012 MB Enterprise has worked towards one mission, vision and goal i.e. to be the best entrance automation solution provider in India. Our products conform to the highest safety standards complemented with reliability and durability at an international level.

Our commitment to service begins with the client's initial enquiry, and is absolute through the various stages of design, installation, and maintenance service. The company is driven by one value – quality product means satisfied customer.
MB provides line of products suitable for industrial, commercial and civilian needs, and has over 12 years of knowledge and experience in the field of providing entrance and loading bay solutions, which enables it to supply products and services to the highest international standards.

The company puts a special emphasis on combining strength with esthetics. The products offered are strong, durable, massive and blend with the surroundings. These products have been developed and certified by experts in the field and come with international certifications.


Motorised Auto Sliding Motorised Auto Swing

Motorised Sliding Gates Motorised Swing Gates

Dock Levellers
Dock Shelters
Dock Houses

Shutter With Center Motor
Shutter With Side Motor